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So far, it seems that the Human, Bount, Quincy, Vizard, and Shinigami races are getting along quite swimmingly. But on the horizon looms such a race known as the Arrancar. Who, for the last hundred years have been planning an attack on the human and spiritual worlds. They wish to over-throw anyone in their way to gain a seat of power. Their leader, is still shrouded in mystery, as no one really knows who he or she is. So far they are keeping quiet, but not for long.

Human: So far along in karakura, you've witnessed thing stranger than what you're used to. And by brushing these sort of things, you have become spiritually aware. This makes you special, and with your spiritual awareness, you have the ability to see and fight what most others think just fairy tales. But you know better, and with your newfound powers you shall rise up to fight alongside whichever faction you choose.

Bount: You've stayed from the site of humans and others like them for long enough. You can't surpress your hunger for blood anymore. Using your powerful 'dolls' you wish to eradicate others from areas, or work together with them. Whichever you do is up to you, but know that the bounto faction is not as level as the others.

Quincy: It used to be, that your kind hated the Shinigami. But things are changing rapidly, and with how the turnout is beginning to shape-up, you may wish to join them. Having your bows with you will enable you to hold your own until you begin a faction with a greater ally. But be warned: many races hate the quincies.

Vizard: You surface from seemingly nowhere, showing and possesing the powers of both hollows and shinigami. Your sort of kind isn't welcomed as freely as others were, but with a bit of convincing you might be able to charm other faction(s) to your side to aid you in battle. Or slow you down. It all depends on who you choose to fight alongside you.

Shinigami: For so long a time, you reside in the Sereitei, coming to the human world to aid the humans in destroying the hollows. But with the other races beginning to surface up from nowhere, you have to think fast. Should you stay to yourself, or join other factions? With things like this on your mind, it's not unlikely that you will have a few defectors as time passes on. Though with the right motivation, you can keep your troops AND gain new ones.
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